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Group and Personal Identities

More and more, the world of Internet is screeming for feature rich identity management. Identities are the starting point for privacy discussions, authentication, authorization, encryption, access-rights, ownership, authorship, and more. Hence, identities play an important role in any evolved application.

In Meshy Space, any person can have a set of Identities, usually stored on a local disk in a Collection named "Wallet". The Wallet contains Units which contain private and related public information.

Types of Identities

  • TODO: basic-auth, public-private key pair
  • TODO: included personal data
  • TODO: variation in proof level

Multiple Identites

  • TODO: IRMA concept of limited knowledge
  • TODO: one identity per login
  • TODO: maintaining same personal data over multiple identities

Grouped Identities

  • TODO: company and departments
  • TODO: starting a family group
  • TODO: identity tables and TTPs

Bootstrapping your Identity

  • TODO: Single login, private MS Daemon like SSH-agent
  • TODO: Wallet

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