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  • prefix: msc:
  • schema: b:



Meshy Space Concept (MSC) schema

The concept (preferred data namespace prefix msc:) is implemented on top of the Meshy Space Interfaces (MSI) structures (namespace prefix ms:), just like your own projects can be implemented on top that infrastructure or on the Concept.

The Concept uses administration which is maintained in b:unit elements of certain types within the msc:Role/ namespace. But there are units of other types as well. Where units are like "object", objects have different purposes and that expects certain relations with other "objects". The roles indicate what to expect, and sometimes add a little extra.

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  • Predefined constants in the msc: namespace.

Overview of the Concept

You first connect to an existing server (usually a daemon on your own system) to get your own working-space. You get your own (private) namespace, like a login. Within your namespace, you add your identities, your private data-collections, and a cache of units retrieved from other people's data-collections.

When you have information to share, you start (with one of your public identities) a data-collection in a new namespace. On the highest level, you start with a company which represents the responsible organisational entity (company, foundation, person). Companies have a collection of stores, which each represent different activities (shop, department, project). On their turn, stores are composed of collections, which group strongly related information. Collections may have sub-collections, and so on. Somewhere down there are products which contain the information which is the real data, foreign to the concept. For instance, images and data-files are produced by external programs hence referred to as products.

The schema header

<schema xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" version="0.1.0"
   elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="qualified"
  <import namespace="https://schemas.meshy.space/base.xsd"

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