The base schema

Important design committees have demonstrated that you can build huge schemas with very little expression power. This has given XML (schemas) a (deserved) bad name. This base schema for MSI tries to avoid those pitfalls with various shameless simplifications.

The elements in base use standards when they exist. There are many standards, and people have put a lot of effort in composing them. Meshy Space defines a uniform use of them.

  • Download the full schema. (Most browsers will not show it, as it is XML: do "view source")

The unit

This base schema defines the b:unit of operation. It could have been named object, atom, item, entry, file, quantum, or blob: the unit is an sequence of octets (bytes) with some meaning. When you merge the features for these abstract thingies in many application, you get a unified idea about managing data.

Elements grouped in categories

For easier access, the components defined by this schema are split into a few accessible categories. This is for documentation only: they form one namespace and one XML schema.

constants, Units in the ms: namespace.
many sets of namespaced constants are used, mainly to explictly refer to values defined in RFCs, IANA, and other standardization bodies.
definitions group configuration logic
mainly create reusable sets of processing rules.
organizes the collection of documentation about the meaning or content of the units.
namespaces of Units
group units into manageable sets. It defines transport and access.
contain the data of each unit (in-lined) or as reference. Some payloads are native to the Meshy Space infrastructure.
units refering to other units, unit fragments, or collections.
saving, loading, and searching units.
addressable data units: the core feature of MSI.
representations of basic values, like expressions and numbers.

The schema header

<schema xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" version="0.1.0"
   elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="qualified"

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