Message formats

One of the most fundamental choices for Meshy Space, is to make no technical choices at all: the network MUST be able to gradually change for many decennia. XML (SOAP) will not live that long, REST (JSON) will have follow-ups: the world is continuously changing as it should!

On many aspects, even on message serialization no choices or preferences are set by the Meshy Space design. However, the structure of the messages, the name of the fields, and the interpretation of values is strictly standardized.

Service providers MAY restrict their interface to the format of their choice, but hopefully a more abstract library will get implemented which enables them to offer different formats without extra work.

On this website you see a lot of XML. It is only used to have enough formalism in the specification, not because it has a preference over other formats!

To be able to specify different formats, we restrict the features of XML-Schemas we use to describe the messages to gain portability. Read about our self-restrain.


  • TODO: Mapping end-points on SOAP
  • TODO: Creating a WSDL
  • TODO: XSD management

JSON format (REST)

  • TODO: JSON and namespaces, attributes and encoding
  • TODO: Mapping end-points to REST

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