The bigger picture

Since "Internet" was created, the focus has been on standardizing the exchange of data (bytes). End-user applications (services) need to interpret that data into structure (objects). Over time, those objects grow more and more complex. There is a huge overlap in implemented features and desired features between these services.

"Meshy Space" takes away a data maintenance burden from services. In interactive applications, this could show as load and save boxes which are close to file-system load and save, where the "main locations" box is replaced by a list of collections. For non-interactive use, Meshy Space behaves similar to object storage libraries.

In the current political atmosphere, companies MUST take care about the information they distribute. It is really hard to support (f.i. privacy requirements) in every application. Adding two dedicated abstraction levels will save the day.

The picture below show the logical position of the new abstraction levels.


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