MS Base

  • prefix: ms:
  • schema: b:

Categories (Data):

Categories (Governance):



Category: constants

All constants in the 'ms:' namespace are camel-cased, starting with a capital (elements and attributes are lower-cased) by convention.

  • ms:Checksum/ names checksum algorithms, like MD5 and SHA1;
  • ms:Compress/ names for compression algorithms, like gzip or bzip2;
  • ms:Country/ for new and old countries, as listed in ISO-3166-[123];
  • ms:Currency/ for new and old coins in ISO-4217 abbreviations;
  • ms:Encode/ names for serialization algorithms, like base64 and hex;
  • ms:Gender/ lists standard representations of gender data;
  • ms:Language/ names for languages, in ISO-639-[123] form with region indicator but without the script and modifiers you see in locales;
  • ms:Pack/ lists names for packagers, like tar;
  • ms:Role/ is used to express the relation in ms:has attribute is;
  • ms:Rule/ defines standard expression components, which are units of type ms:Role/Rule;
  • ms:Type/ lists unit.type values which indicate ms:native payload structures;
  • ms:{Error,Warning,Notice,Info}/, status codes;
  • Other TODO

Other namespaces:

  • iana:MediaType/ contains all official MediaTypes (previously known as MIME-Types) as defined by IANA;

Schema components


Elements of type b:Constant contain a flag which tells something by its pure existence. Maybe the processor understands what the flag means, maybe not.


A list of b:Constant values.


The payload of Constant describing Unit.

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